Residential Energy Cost Comparison                  
The costs of various forms of energy are calculated in several different ways. This can make it difficult for consumers to compare the actual cost of the energy fuel they are using. The following information compares the retail prices of various forms of energy on an equal basis. 
Average BTU* content for various energy fuels:
  Natural Gas    100,000 Btu per  Therm  
  Kerosene   135,000 Btu per  Gallon  
  Propane Gas (LP)   91,500 Btu per  Gallon  
  Electricity    3,413 Btu per  Kilowatt Hour (KWH)
Amount of fuel required to obtain one million Btu:
  Natural Gas    10 Therms per million Btu  
  Kerosene   7.4 Gallons per million Btu  
  Propane Gas (LP)   11 Gallons per million Btu  
  Electricity    293 KWH per million Btu  
  Form of Energy   Units to obtain one million BTU   Substitute your present cost **   Cost per Million BTU  
  Natural Gas    10 Therms x $1.03 (Heat Only Rate)   $10.30  
  Natural Gas    10 Therms x $0.91 (Year Round Rate)   $9.05  
  Propane Gas (LP)   11 Gallons x $2.50   $27.50  
  Electricity    293 KWH x $0.080   $23.44  
  * Btu stands for British Thermal Unit.  
  ** Costs shown reflect local energy prices as of  October 2021  
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